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Georgia lee candles; Cheeky cherry wax melts

This is one of the products I was really excited about when I got the Notts meet up goody bag. I love candles of home scenting products, and I have to say, wax melts sometimes get the favorite because I don't need to be conscious of it the same way I do a flame on a candle.

This little pack has 4 heart melts in and they smell so good, it is like a cherry bake well, really sweet and jam like. I put two of the wax melts into my burner with the intention of making the little packet do two scent pods as I like to have a decent amount of fragrance in my home but I don't like to feel over powered by the scent so I didn't want to add too much and it be too strong.

I popped two of the wax hearts into the burner and left it to melt while we watched TV. The scent filled the living room without being over powering and we kept getting simple wafts of the scent which was lovely and a nice reminder that the scent was still filling the room. If you left the room and came back in it had a strong scent that had filled the room, same as what a candle would have done.

Over all these are so lovely and the scent it beautiful, I love the wax melts although you do still need to be cautious as it is a hot surface which is still a lot of risk if you do have pets or young children and it is in reach, however this is so nice to be able to put on and not have to worry about it as closely. I cannot wait for the shop to restock in November as I will definitely be checking out what other scents they do.


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