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Collection eyes uncovered; Nude grey palette

Collection is a brand I often over look, especially for eye shadow as I am very much an Urban Decay eye shadow user and I could be happy not venturing into any other brand, but I do, because I love trying new things, I got this in the Notts meetup goody bag and although I had seen them and thought about picking them up I hadn't got around to ever trying one as I didn't know what to get or which would compliment my collection most. I can honestly say I am very pleased with the one I got, the Nude grey palette has a nice mix of colors, a light white-ish color, a more gold toned shade, greys through to a dark black shade.

The palette has a nice range of colors and has a sponge tip applicator, I tend to use my own brushes, but this would be goo if I packed it in a travel bag and forgot my own, its always a back up you can use, or you could replace it with a small travel sized eyeliner and make a compact if one will fit, I haven't tried it!
The colors are beautiful, I wore the colors on my eyes, I did use a primer, but I always do, the colors are very pigmented, blend easily and go on effortlessly. I wore the lightest shade, the second shade and the second to last shade in the palette to make a more day to day slightly smokey eye that was still wearable. The other colors are all still so beautiful and wearable, and you can easily make a simple day to day look, a darker smokey eye or anything in between. The dark color would be perfect as a liner if you wanted to use eye shadow as liner and the shades compliment each other perfectly.

I am so impressed with this palette, I wouldn't say it was better than my expensive eye shadows, but I wouldn't hesitate to use it mixed up with my other palette and along side them as I do think they quality is up there and worth trying. At £3.99 and in 6 different color options I can definitely say I cannot fault it. Prefect for someone beginning with make up who wants to get quality make up on a budget, or for someone who just wants good quality without the hefty cost of the make up. I will definitely keep an eye out for these when I am next shopping and I will recommend them to anyone who is in the market for eye shadows too.


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