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Beauty fantasies body spray; Cherry blossom

I got this body fantasies body spray in the goody bag from my meet up, and it wasn't until I was looking up the products when I was unpacking the goody bag and looking them up for review that I found out they are stocked in Superdrug, this shows how much beauty shopping I have done lately if I hadn't seen these! The retail at £3.99, but they have recently been on offer for £1.98 so you may still catch them on offer.

My first confession is that the cherry blossom scent isn't what I would have chosen had I picked the scent myself, just because I tend to steer away from floral scents and more towards fruity scents, however, this happy accident has taught me I like some floral perfumes and body sprays!

The body spray is 94ml which sounds a strange size as most are 100ml, or a similar round number, however it is a really good size and I know it will last a long time. The cap says over 500 sprays, which sounds a really good amount, I use a few sprays a day so this will last a really good length of time even if I use it every day consecutively which I don't just because I like to change my perfume daily.

The bottle has a really nice shape to it and feels very comfortable to hold in the hand and when spraying. The spray nozzle is easy to press down and spray product out of, with a clear protective cap that goes over the top. I have had the clear plastic cap come off in my handbag but I haven't noticed the product has sprayed in my bag, but its worth remembering if you are carrying it in your handbag, although this wont stop me doing so.

The scent of the perfume is really good and strong, it is more like a perfume than a body spray which I think is great as it means you are getting better quality for you money, and they are also a great stop gap for teenagers wanting to get more perfumes but without having the £40 perfume price tag, and they can choose a few different scents to mix it up on different days.

The scent is strong without being overpowering, it lasts a really long time on me, although with the weather being quite hot, if I have started to feel a bit less fresh I will spray myself again with this just have peace of mind that I don't smell like some horrible mess in the heat.

Overall I am so impressed with this body spray, it lasts a long time on the skin and the bottle will last a long time as well, I also keep a body spray in my locker at all times at work and so this will be a great on to put in and use through the day such as breaks just to top up and make sure I smell fresh all day. I cant wait to check out the other scents when I am next in town.


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