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August favorites

I am sure August has flown hasn't it? I haven't worn a lot of my make up this month so there is a lack of make up in this favorites, but I have started to get back into it more so I think there will be more beauty in Septembers favorites.

I have used the same bag almost all month, and it is my Michael kors selma bag in a beautiful blue color. I got this on sale back in January and was a little hesitant in case the color stopped me using it as it doesn't match everything I own, however I found myself consciously choosing an outfit that wouldn't clash with the color of the bag just so I felt I could use it! I absolutely love it and the color is perfect for summer.

Next up this month has to be Irregular choice, in the past three months I have bought five pairs and that is very shameful, but I have been saving for a while and one pair was wedding shoes and another for my hen do so I don't feel quite so guilty! I love these shoes and find them really comfy, so I thought I would show you the three pairs I have bought this month to show you my ever growing love for these shoes!

In this picture the  blue with the black bow are called Ascot, the white ones are called Ban Joe and the light blue ones are called Fancy that ha ha dazzle.

Next on my favorites has to be the events I have been to this month, I had such a fantastic time meeting new people and being introduced to new brands and getting to know people and getting out more. Things like that are quite out of my comfort zone and so I really am trying to push myself more and do things I am not fully comfortable with, just to give me more confidence and be more open to trying new things and meeting new people as I am quite shy, but I am trying to overcome it where I can.

Lastly, this is something very random, but I have had a very big sweetie obsession with these this month and I couldn't do a favorites without posting about the Asda chosen by you Strawberry bon bons. These are fantastic. they are the right amount of chewy, the right amount of flavor and well lets just say I don't think I will ever be able to do a food shop without a packet of these being added on!

What have been yo

ur favorites of the month?


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