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A mini haul

So a new work year means a few new pieces to freshen up my wardrobe and give it a bit of a new look just to stop it looking like I wear the same thing every week, which I do, because I get in a bit of a rut.  I picked up three new tops and a pair of shoes as it was literally all I could find that I liked and fit nice, but I will show you them all, as well as the make up bits I got.

I wear a lot of shirts and blouses when I am at work, I have to dress semi-smart and I actually find shirts comfortable, so comfortable I don't dress any different on dress down days! The first shirt I picked up was a black shirt with cute white bows on from Matalan, this was £12 but I know it will get loads of wear and will be on I reach for a lot with it being neutral in color as I have a lot of colorful shirts in my wardrobe and so I like to have some neutral for days when I don't want to feel so loud.

I then went to Primark, I went a lot of place and didn't find anything, however I always find something I like in Primark. I found a white shirt, this one is cotton, I usually go for chiffon material but I loved this one, however this does crease a lot due to the material. I love this top, and at just £7 I think it is a total steal and I love it, I did an outfit of the day in this top last weekend here so you can see it on there. I also picked up a blue top, it has a v neck and has some pretty flowers printed on it. It isn't a blouse although it is stitched to look like it could be buttoned in the middle, but will still look smart for work and be a nice top. This one was in the sale and was down from £6 to £3.

I then picked up a pair of simple black suede flats, I wear these every day for work, other than in the really cold weather where I will wear boots to keep my feet warm. No matter where they are purchased from I literally just wreck them in a few months as I do lots of walking and I think I just give them a good wear at least five days a week.

For beauty I am on the hunt for a new foundation, I have a few I like and a few I'm not so keen on in my collection so I am hoping to find the perfect foundation for my upcoming wedding day, so you can expect me to have some foundation reviews coming up between now and the end of the year in prep for my wedding.

I picked up the Revlon photo ready primer, I picked this up on a whim, I wasn't particularly in the market for a new primer, but it was three for two and I really wanted to try these foundations so I thought I would get this free to make the 3 for 2 worth it. I hope this will be really good and the 'photo ready' name is promising good things as I will be having a lot of photos on my wedding day so I will test it all out and get back to you on lasting power and how it wears.

I then picked up the Revlon color stay foundation for combination oily skin, this one is a velvet-matte finish. I have 'normal' skin but if its warm it gets a little oily, if its cold it gets dry so I can usually get away with formulas for either end of the spectrum depending on the weather and time of year. I can probably get away with this one as the summer and warmer months end, so I am looking forward to trying the formula, as well as seeing how the finish looks on the skin,

I then picked up the Revlon color stay in the normal/ dry skin formula, this is a more hydrating one and has a satin finish. I know this will be more suited in the colder, winter months and will be worth giving a try when I am needing extra coverage in the cold months and I'm hoping that with it being formulated to drier skin it wont cling to my dry patches like some of my other foundations can do.

So there is a story behind this lipstick, I love deep berry tones and purple colors, but I am so not brave enough to wear it, so I am making a point of being out my comfort zone. Watching the first episode of The Great British Bake Off a few weeks ago I was silently admiring one of the contestants, Candice, purple lip. It was stunning and she pulled it off perfectly. After a while my fiance said how lovely it was and that he loved the color, and I knew I had to hunt out a color similar and have a go at pulling it off myself. I tried all the purple ones in the make up section and so I settled on this one. This is the Sleek lipstick in the shade

sleek lipstick



  1. I also have that bee top, I love it!
    Summer xx

    1. Its so cute! I hope they do some more similar ones I keep looking when I go in :)!