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Whats in my over night beauty bag

So a week or two ago I went on a trip with work and was away for 2 nights. I had checked the weather and knew we were in for a really hot couple of days so I knew I didn't want much make up as I knew I probably wouldn't feel like wearing it if I had to layer on sun cream several times a day due to being so pale. I got this wash bag when I was a bridesmaid for my friend last summer and it is the perfect size for packing for a few nights away so I opted for this one.

 First and foremost, my tooth brush and toothpaste! I have an electric toothbrush usually, but i like to travel with a normal toothbrush as I don't have to worry if it has enough charge or any of that stuff and I can just throw away the normal one if it gets a bit gross traveling with it.
 I packed face wipes, tissues and hand wipes as they are something I thought would be useful, I have packed a face wash as you will see below, but I wanted wipes as well just in case I needed them or just wanted to freshen up midday. Hand wipes I felt were an essential, and were transferred to my handbag on arrival for when I was out and couldn't get to a sink to watch my hands, and tissues, for emergencies!
I then sorted my wash things out, I have a Jergens moisturizer sample I wanted to use up, and a sample of some dove body wash that is ready to be used up. I took a REN gentle cleansing milk, which i really like, as well as a day cream and a night cream from REN as I had the miniatures to try out, and a flannel pictured underneath to complete the face washing. I then had a Toni and Guy shampoo and conditioner that had been lurking in the back of my sample sizes stash for way too long but it was the only small ones I had for travel. I also took an umberto giannini hair spray as I planned to wear my hair up most of the days and being out walking a lot I wanted to keep it all in place. 
This is the small collection of make up I decided I would take with me, an Eyeko mascara which is just the current one I am using, a Rimmel BB cream just in case I wanted a little bit of coverage without over doing it on the foundation side knowing it would be super hot... I also have a very gross looking brow gel by No7, a MUA pressed powder and mini brush as well as a pinky nude lip gloss from Tanya Burr cosmetics. 
Lastly, I popped in a mirror just in case there wasn't one in the room or if I wanted to use a mirror sat somewhere else. I also took two hair ties just so I could put my hair up and get it out of my face.

Things I forgot to picture were deodorant which I was using right up till the morning I left and so forgot to be photographed, as well as perfume which I picked last minute as I was grabbing things the morning of leaving. I also had a hair brush which was separate in my bag. I think this is everything I packed, but I can be sure if something essential isnt pictured I did indeed pack it as I didn't miss anything!

What is your essential for an over night bag?


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