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Weleda skin food

I had heard of Weleda but never thought to try it, it never happened to be something I came across when shopping for skin care and so I never needed anything when I was near the stand, and I was never really sure what the brand was like although I had seen celebrities say it was really good, you have to be wary of celerity endorsement.

When I went to the Notts Alzheimer meet up a week or so ago, we had a talk from a lovely lady who was a representative of Weleda and received a free 30ml skin food to try out for ourselves. Not only was this very generous but also a great way to give us more information about the product and the rest of the Weleda range.

The Weleda skin food has been around since 1926 and the formula has remained the same since then and it is still as well loved as it was back then. The product is described on the website as 'the ultimate natural moisturiser for dry, rough skin everywhere'. This can be used on the face, hands, elbows, knees or anywhere else you get dry skin.

The formula of the product is quite a thick, sticky texture, which I am not overly keen on as I do think it leaves a bit of residue on the skin for a while after you apply it, so although I have only used this on my face, I would be wary if I was to use this on my body and want to get dressed soon after.

I have used this since I got it as my skin care moisturiser, mainly on the right hand side of my face where I had a very obvious dry skin patch. I decided that was the perfect way to put this to the test and so, every night for almost a week I put this on my skin, with the occasion morning use of this depending how heavy I wanted my morning moisturiser depending if I wanted to put make up straight on.

After about four days my skin looked more hydrated, well moisturised and smooth. I have to say, I couldn't believe it, a product that had cleared up my dry skin on my face within a few days and I could have used it years ago! Admittedly It wasn't the most severe dry skin, but it was enough to get commented on by my mum, and for my fiance to see why I felt self conscious of it.

The Weleda skin food comes in three sizes, 10ml retailing at 32.25, 30ml retailing at £6.95 and 75ml retailing at £9.95. I have the 30ml and using just a tiny amount on my area of dry skin mostly just on he right side of my face with a little over the rest of my face I can already tell this will last me a long time and is well worth the money!

I am so over the moon with this product, I know it will be a life saver in the winter when I usually get drier skin. The only downside I can ever say is I am not a fan of the consistency, but with the results i had using it I can overlook that!


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