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The #NottsAlzheimersMeetupn prizes

I was lucky enough to win two prizes at the raffle at the meet up and although I planned to incorporate the prize into the goody bag post there were so many amazing goodies that I just didnt want to scrimp on the details! Once I won the prizes I popped the flamingo bag next to my goody bag, this one contained the hair care products, and then the black tissue paper parcel inside the other bag is the other prize I won that is pajamas!

I was literally over the moon with both of my prizes and everything on offer was so thoughtful and so beautiful and I cannot believe the generosity of the brands who donated and what prizes there were they were so wonderful and I would have been happy to win any of them!

I'm going to go with the hair care first as its more beauty related, the prize contained a mini tangle angel key ring hair brush. First up I have the Tangle angel hair brush in precious pink, I also had one in GR8 graphite, but I kindly donated it to my mum as I know she loves to try out the things I have and I don't think I needed two the same and I know she appreciates the generosity! I also have the tangle cherub in Wow white, a lovely smaller brush excellent for travel on on the go. Speaking of on the go; the tangle angel baby is a beautiful small brush with a key ring attached and would be the perfect addition to your keys if you want a hair brush on the go but have very limited room and wouldn't fit a full sized brush in our bag. I also got a Richard Ward shampoo and conditioner sample, these are the Keratin volume range and they are 'bodifying and volumising for bounce and vitality' These sound so exciting and like they will be really good for my hair so I will be testing them out and reporting back on what I think to them. 

The second prize I won, well this is technically the first on I picked when my raffle ticket was called and it was a gamble for me, but I thought I had stepped out of my comfort zone going to the meetup so I would pick the prize that was something I wouldn't have perhaps chosen as a 'safe' prize and I am so over the moon that I did as I definitely got something that felt it was meant to be! I knew the brand was called 'Glitter and the moon' and they did nightwear/lingerie and so not only was it a gamble on the style I might get but also size as well. I have included the little business card photo of the lady wearing it to model the set as it gives you an idea of what it looks like on. The set is in the color Cherry red and the set is called the 'Snow globe cities'. I said at the meetup I am having a sleepover for my hen do so pajamas would be perfect and also honeymoon pajamas are on my to get list too, so that was the motive behind my risk. The jacket features cities such as London, Paris, NYC etc and are all places I either want to go to or have been to, and the french nickers have the Paris snow globe on the bum area, and this is the first place my fiance and I went on holiday together to. The red satin is lovely and the overall look of these is fantastic! I am so excited to wear them and review them for you as they are truly stunning! 

What product are you most excited to see a review on?


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