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The #NottsAlzheimersMeetup summary

First of all, I cannot write a post about this meet up without mentioning the lovely Ellie, @EllieLouuu / http://www.uniquelovestyle.com/ ! First of all, Ellie is so lovely and so kind, and has organised this meet up with a charity, Alzheimer's at the focus, with donations and proceeds going to the charity which is amazing, kind and thoughtful all in  itself. Without Ellie's hard work and dedication to make this meet up happen it would not have been as amazing as it was!

The venue, Edin's deli cafe, was so beautiful and fit the feel of the day well with the set up being perfect for the way it played out on the day with the guest speaker and being able to sit around the table together and chat to one another. Every single person I met on the day was so lovely and so kind, it was so refreshing knowing I was out of my comfort zone, feeling socially awkward and we could all chat like we all already knew each other about all the things we loved. When we arrived we were designated a spot at the table with a lovely goody bag waiting for us with our user name on a little tag.

We settled into the meet up with getting to know the other bloggers, having a bit of food and enjoying the progression of the day with a few sneak peaks into the goody bag! We then had a talk from a lady who works for Weleda, an informative and non pushy talk from a brand representative about the products, the ingredients and where they come from and how the products are made, as well as having information on what the benefits of the products are and how they can be used. I was really impressed with the brand and will definitely be checking out more of their products soon.

Ellie had then set up a raffle with the cost of tickets being donated to the Alzheimers charity, a lovely thing to do, and let me tell you, the prizes were AMAZING!! Photo pinched from Ellie's twitter but I'm sure she wont mind! The raffle was very very generous, the brands who had donated were so kind and the prizes were all amazing! The most obvious one is the Pandora bag which turned out to be a stunning charm, where as the other bags (although brand names were on the tag) were more of a blind bag guess at what you might be getting other than the brand name, but they were all so luxurious and beautiful you couldn't be disappointed.

I was lucky enough to get two prizes from the raffle one was a pajama set and one was a hair set so I will do a separate post on the over view of the goody bag and the overview of the prizes I won before I review them on my blog. I don't have the time to fully detail all the products right now as its 10:30pm on the night of the meet up and aside from wanting to get this up for Sunday morning, I should be in bed very shortly having a well needed sleep!

I am so pleased with everything about the day, I met some lovely people, the goodies I got were amazing and so thoughtful and I am so pleased for Ellie that it pretty much all went to plan as she worked so hard to make this happen and she is such a lovely person!


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