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The #NottsAlzheimersMeetup goody bag overview!

The first thing I saw when I got the goody bag was the stunning canvas bag the goody bag was enclosed in, a stunning design that will definitely be a bag of choice when needing a reusable shopper to carry around when out shopping for new things to try. The stunning bag on the left is a beautiful butterfly canvas bag from the brand 'Talented' and I adore it! I cant wait to buy some things to use it as a carrier bag and show it off! The bag on the right was a goody bag paper bag that one of my prizes came in and is a flamingo print from Tiger. I will do the prizes in a separate post as the goody bag was so packed full that this post is getting out of hand!

The skin care products in the goody bag are so cool, and I am in the market for some new skin care, with my wedding fast approaching I want to nail down a routine that makes my skin look amazing and these will be well tested in hopes of adding a few more new things to the routine. Th first skin product I was excited to try is the Weleda skin food, I have seen so much about this and never got round to picking it up so I was glad to finally have had the push to try it, and we had a talk from a brand representative about the products and the benefits and now I cant wait to see what it does for my skin! The lady was also kind enough to give us a sample of the Weleda baby calendula shampoo and body wash, I think I will pass this on to a friend who recently had a baby to see her thoughts on this. There is then the witch daily primer and clearing serum, this says its evens skin tone and holds make up in place, so I am excited to test out the product as a possible primer to see how it holds up against some of my other primers. There are then three Merumaya samples, a mud marvels mask, the melting cleansing balm and the gentle exfoliating toner. Again all products I can test out and see if I want to add these into my everyday routine, and I always love a mask so I am excited to test this out!

Then for bath and body we have a scrub, this is by a brand called Koya, this a natural scrub that is fresh, handmade and toxic free. The scent is called beach babe, and I didn't know what to expect for the smell, but it is amazing! Coconut and tropical smelling and I am so excited to use it, I had to insist on my fiance smelling this when I smelt it as I was too excited about the smell! I then have a Body fantasies Japanese cherry blossom body spray, these are available in Superdrug and it has such a strong scent and is so good for a body spray, I always need one of these for my locker at work so I will have the perfect space for this. I then have the Esocare black soap, now I have no idea what this is, if it is a normal soap to use or if it has some cool properties aside from being organic but I'm going to do loads of research on this and give it a review when I use it!

The next category is beauty related, first up we have the collection eyes uncovered palette, I am so excited for this, I put off buying it as I have the naked palettes and so I didn't think I could justify another nude style palette and so I will be trying this out soon and maybe even comparing the colours to similar ones in the naked palettes too. We then have a Spectrum brush 'A04' this is the tapered finishing brush and this is so soft! The last beauty product is the fullips lip plumping products, I have to say I am so scared to use this, but I think it will be fun to try and see what they will be like as I know they have a lot of hype! I will definitely blog if I use them to show what they do!

The more misc products that aren't as beauty related is a candle, some wax melts and a drink to try. There is a candle from Ms Flow, a period subscription box and the candles can be bought separately on the site for £4 or they come in the subscription box from what I can see on the site. This candle is the Grapefruit and Jasmine and it smells so lovely I cannot wait to burn this and have the scent fill my house! I then have some really cute love heart shaped wax melts in 'Cheeky cherry' by 'Georgia lee candles' who can be found on Etsy, These smell so good and cherry is one of my favorite scents so I am so excited to have these in my burner as well and change up the scent of the candle with the scent of these melts. Lastly is a can of Virtue sparkling energy water in Berries. I go to the gym 4 times a week and so I love anything that gives you a bit of extra energy that is a little bit more healthier than like red bull which I don't drink. I also think this will be good for on the go and I will definitely report back what I think to it!

Which product are you most excited to see reviewed?



  1. Looks like you got loads of lovely bits, cant wait to see your prizes bag :)
    Summer xx

    1. It was really good I am so excited to try them all out :D! x