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Real techniques miracle complexion sponge

The real techniques miracle complexion sponge is a beauty tool that is along the lines of the beauty blender. It can be used wet or dry, and the packaging says it is ideal for liquid foundation. I use this all the time and I cant wait to share my thoughts on how it works below.

The sponge itself is a lovely orange color which is fun and looks quite statement with my beauty products and brushes. The sponge itself can be used wet or dry, but I always opt to use it wet, although I've never really tried it dry I just feel like using it wet seems like the right thing to do so I always instinctively wet it when I want to use it. The sponge is light and and feels quite dense when dry, but feels more squishy an airy when wet, I think this is due to how much it expands and becomes softer. In the above picture the sponge on the left is wet, and the right one is dry.

I apply my chosen foundation onto the back of my hand out of the tube or pump an then take the product on the rounded sides of the sponge and press it onto the skin. I start on one cheek and then move onto my chin, work across my other cheek over my nose and up onto my forehead, all using the side of the sponge, Once my foundation has covered the skin and given me the coverage I desire I move onto concealer to cover any imperfections such as under my eyes and any spots I have on my skin. For this I apply the concealer straight to my face and then us the pointed end of the sponge to get precise blending and coverage on small areas of spots and blemishes or on the under eye area and right into the corner of my eye.

I don't very often use the flat side of the sponge, although I have done, I just generally use the rounded side for ease and of no particular preference, it is just the habit I have gotten into. I have used the sponge mainly for foundation and concealer, Although on occasion I have used it for cream blush but I mainly use power blush so although this does work it isn't something I would use it for regularly.

The miracle complexion sponge currently retails in three different sized packages, a single one, usually £5.99 is currently on offer at £4.50, a double pack at £10 and the pack of four originally £17.99 but currently on offer for £13.49. As you can see from the above image, I have gone for the pack of four as this worked out best value for money and I know I will get through these easily. I will also be giving one to my mum who is slowly getting into using foundation and so I am beginning to show her the different ways she can apply it and the different finishes there is to chose from.

Over all this is my preferred method of applying my foundation, I love the finish I get with this and I am excited to try some of the variations of the sponge that have recently been released.


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