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Irregular choice Ban Joe cream

This December I am getting married and it took me a long time to finally choose wedding shoes. December means it will be cold, could be snowing, or could be raining.  This meant it was increasingly hard to choose a pair of shoes I wanted, and so I ended up with two different pairs of shoes, but more on the other pair in another post.

I have a couple of pairs of irregular choice shoes and I really like them, with me originally wanting the white 'nick of time' shoe they sell, but I realized the heel would be too high for the height I needed compared to my second pair of shoes. I found the Ban Joe style, and my friend has a pair this style so I was reassured they are comfortable and can be worn with ease throughout the day. Although these aren't on the website in white still I managed to track a brand new pair down on ebay and only had to pay around £80 including postage so they were around normal price anyway, so its worth checking ebay for new pairs if you want some you cant get hold of.

I have gone for a white dress, so these being cream I am hoping they will go, but my dress is long so my shoes wont be on show as much anyway so I don't really mind too much if they are a slightly different color to my dress.

The shoe itself has a velvet/suede like heel and underneath bow on the front, with the top bow on the front being more of a fabric ridged material bow. The rest of the shoe is a beautiful white glitter which has an amazing silvery shine to it. The shoes look very pretty but not over the top and will make a perfect accompaniment to my dress to give it an extra sparkle as well as having a low heel that will be more comfortable and easy to wear all day as I will be on my feet a lot on the actual day.

A much as I adore the shoes as they are I am considering customizing them in some way just to make them very personal to me and my wedding, but I am not sure how I will do that yet as I don't want to ruin them so I will think long and hard about it before doing anything to them, and will definitely share a DIY if I do decide to customize them!

What shoes would you pick for your wedding or which did you have if you are already married, let me know in the comments!


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  1. Wow! These are so cute! I can gift these to my daughter on her 16th birthday. This is amazing! She will love it for sure. We have booked an event venue nearby for her birthday celebration and all our friends and relatives would be there for her.