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Fishesgivekisses snowflake necklace

Our winter wedding is slowly coming together and we decided although it wasn't anything like christmas or to do with winter as such, we thought we would embrace what could be a snowy day and so I decided I would put some subtle snowflake twists on some of the things I have for the wedding. I wanted to share with you the necklace I picked up to hopefully wear on the wedding day as long as it looks as perfect with my dress as I hope when I try it on.

When I was looking for a necklace it took me a while to find one I really liked, and finally on Etsy I came across this one from a shop called fishesgivekisses and knew it was what I was looking for, you can see the listing here.

The necklace chain length is optional and comes between 12.5 inches and 18 inches which I think is great as it gives you a lot of options to help with deciding on where you like the pendant to fall on your neck. I was stuck what length to go for and decided on a very unconventional 15 inches, we usually get chains in 16 inches but on the pictures I looked on I thought the slightly shorter one was slightly better and I could not be any happier with the length.

The necklace comes in a beautiful blue gift box with a little snowflake and jewel on it which would be perfect to give as a present to someone and will be a nice place to store it if I want to put it in my jewelry box.

The necklace is such a beautiful silver tone necklace, with some light blue gems in the center of the snowflake to give it a little extra sparkle and will fit our theme beautifully. When on, the chain sits perfectly on my neck where I wanted it to fall and the pendant looks very dainty and delicate while still having some statement factor to it.

The pendant is so beautiful and stunning and I think it would make a perfect gift for christmas, birthdays or even for a winter wedding as a bridesmaid thank you! I cannot say how pleased I am with this and I would definitely use the seller again if I was looking for jewelry that they were stocking.


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