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Collective empties

Along this blogging journey I began collecting empties and my spell of absence meant I had a bag of trash sitting in my room for far to long.. Good job it just empty beauty products and not actual trash like food waste!

The only beauty product I have that is fully used up is a Seventeen stay time concealer, I do really like this one, I have the foundation from the same range, and I did reach for it a lot and did like the way it covered dark circles and spots, as well as the way it looked on the skin. I would repurchase this when I need a new concealer as I have a few on the go already.
In this I have paired my only skin care item, a REN vita mineral active 7 eye gel, this was only a small sample so I can't tell for sure if I really did see a difference, however I did enjoy using it, the product felt nice on my skin and I would consider trying the full size to see if I see better or more long term results from the product.

Moving on to hair care, this is the biggest category in this empties, so I will break it down into washing and styling. In the washing category I have a huge Tresemme conditioner that had been sat on my shelf for what feels like a lifetime! It was ok, it wasn't life changing but it had a small amount to use up and so I just wanted rid of it so I had more space in my hair care.  I also have a frizz-ease shampoo that I used up, this is a sample size and while I don't get overly frizzy hair so it was hard to determine how good this was, but I did notice a change in my hair when I used it, but I don't think its one I need to use regularly.
I then have the Tresemme platinum strength deep conditioning treatment. I really liked this in combination with the rest of the line, but I did reach for this more than the normal conditioner in the line and I think that's why I used it use quicker, but I did really like it and I would buy it again when I am in the market for a conditioner. I also have an Avon advanced techniques 360 moisture conditioner, again I loved this line and was really pleased with the way it left my hair feeling and looking and so along with the rest of the line I would use again, however I find Avon a chore to get if you don't have a local representative local to you.
My final hair shampoo and conditioner are the Herbal essences naked shine shampoo and conditioner, these were really nice products and I enjoyed using them but I didn't think they were particularly special but I would get them again if I needed one and they were on offer and I didn't fancy any other shampoos that were on offer.

Moving on to hair care, I have two dry shampoos and a texture spray. The first is a Percy and Reed dry shampoo, I think I got this in some sort of beauty bundle or beauty box at some point and have used it on and off, however it is really good, I didn't want to get attached as it is more pricey than others and although it was really good I do think it was only as good as the others that I use as I don't use them on overly greasy hair, I then have a Herbal Essences naked dry shampoo, I chose this one as it was travel sized and at the time of purchasing I wanted one to take away with me to use on holiday. I really liked this dry shampoo, it did the job and left my hair looking nice so I would buy this one again. I also have a texture spray from VO5, I did like this but I found I didn't reach for it very often as I don't usually go for texture products, but I have used it up and it was really good, although I haven't used any others to compare it to so I can be sure what others are like, but I would pick this one up again if I wanted a texture product.

Moving on to body products, I have four body washes, a body scrub and a moisturiser. First up I have a scrub, this is the Sanctuary spa body scrub, I really liked this one and I would recommend it, I do in fact already have another one of these so I would definitely repurchase it as I already have! For body wash, I have a Lush hot toddy shower gel, this was a Christmas one and I stopped using it as much after the Christmas season and then it got forgotten about with a bit left in it so I finally used it up, I liked it but I don't know if it will be available again. I then have a Body Shop frosted cranberry shower gel, again a Christmas one, this wasn't my favorite scent but i really like the formula of these so I do buy the shower gels I just wasn't a big fan of this scent. There are then two Dove body washes, an original on in a sample size, this was lovely but just a standard body wash, and then a Dove go fresh, this was really nice too and I would look at this range again for body wash when I need more. Lastly I have a Dove moisturiser, this again was nice but I wouldn't say it was anything overly special but it did leave my skin feeling lovely.

My last category is a misc category and I only have two things in this category, on is a body spray and the other a deodorant. I use the Nivea stick deodorants a lot and are my go to one, I really like it and so I just buy whichever one from this range I fancy the look of on the day! I also have a Nspa vanilla body spray, I keep this in my locker at work so I can freshen up at break times and feel fresh all the time, it smells really good and they are only a couple of pounds from Asda so I can easily pick one up when i do my food shopping!

What have you used up recently?


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