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The girl on the train - Book review

I absolutely love reading, and can get easily lost in a book, but rarely get the time to read as much as I want. I picked up 'The girl on the train' in June, and started reading it towards the end once I had finished another book. I had heard there is a film coming out for this book and I was really interested in reading it as well as watching it so I decided now was a good time.

The book is written from three peoples point of view, 'Rachel' who is the girl on the train, 'Megan' the woman in the family Rachel see's from the train, and 'Anna' who lives a few doors down from Megan. I love the way the story is narrated from three points of view but isn't repetitive of the story. The different perspectives and the ability to get to know the individual characters and their lives before they begin to cross paths or their stories over laps makes their meetings and encounters more easily to understand and read as we already know the characters and their background to judge how they will react and feel the sympathy or encouragement we should for the character.

The story follows the lives of the three women and the people around them as their paths begin to cross and become intertwined and move from strangers to acquaintances, witnesses and people who may rely on the other. The description in the book allows you to imagine the story well, and the main character Rachel's story is told in a way that keeps us guessing and really feels like you are her and makes us feel her emotions all the way through, just as we do with the other characters too.

The twist and turns are sudden, unexpected and shocking, but never once did I question it as an unbelievable story line for the book and the context surrounding the story. As i read to the end, the twists and turns creating suspense and tension within me, I could not predict the ending even at the start of the last chapter 12 pages before the end. The story has a dark edge to it, with twists in character personalities and some sinister reveals keeping the reader guessing and imagining the possibilities of the mysteries before they are revealed.

From the beginning the story is interesting and inviting and draws you in, I read 130 pages in the first sitting before resisting to the fact I had to go to bed for work the next day. The story develops at a respectable pace to keep you guessing and gripped without having to much happen all at once, but it never gets dull between twists and turns. My fiance doesn't enjoy reading and so he usually just watches the films when I have finished a book, and I know it wouldn't be the sort of book my mum would enjoy, but I still immediately expressed how much I loved the book to both the minute I finished it, insisting they should read it or at least watch the film.

I was a huge fan of 'Gone Girl' and while the story line isn't particularly similar the twists and turns and the way it reads reminds me a little of it, and so if you enjoyed 'Gone girl' I would recommend this, or vice versa if you read this one first!

Happy reading!


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