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Nail polish organisation and declutter

I always knew I had a lot of nail polish but I didn't realise I had 291 of them! I had started to realise that there were some polishes that I just never really reached for any more, and with the urge to tidy and downsize my clothes and make up I decided I would get to work on these too. In this post I am going to talk about how I chose the ones I wanted to keep and what I chose to get rid of, but I wont be showing the ones I have kept, I will save that for another time. I did however keep 172, which is still a lot, however I am going to assess every one that is left as I wear them and see if I really do want them after all.

I first separated my nails polish into colors, red, orange,m yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, neutrals. Within that I then separated into similar colors, eg, dark green, light green, mint green etc. I then took all of the ones in one category and painted on nail with each polish to be able to see which colors I liked, how they apply and which ones are similar to others to help me eliminate similar colors from my collection. This really helped me to also pick out the nail polishes which applied really sheer despite the way they looked in the bottle and was easy for me to instantly discard them.

 I set about and picked out the ones I wanted  and instantly began to realise I had a lot of similar colors, or a lot of polishes I had had for a really long time, I picked up one and it was almost empty and completely dried out. It shows when the last time I reached for that one was!

 Above we can see all of the polishes I have decided are still good and can be given away, but aren't different enough to keep or are colors that I don't think I will gravitate towards to wear in the future. There are a lot that I am getting rid of but I wanted to aim to get rid of duplicates to enable me to try new colors which I do not own and be able to nail polish shop without worrying if I have a similar color at home as I now know what I have and what I don't!

The ones above are the ones which are for the bin, these are either completely dried out, or are just too sheer to use properly. I don't know why these ever went back into my collection, I know that the dried out ones definitely weren't dried out the last time I used them or they would have gone in the bin, however the sheer on es could have gone a long time ago, as could the nail strengthener I am throwing away as when I tired it out I didn't find it to actually do anything for my nails.

I hope this helped and inspired you to have a look through your nail polishes, I can't wait to show you the ones I have left in my collection and I am so excited to paint my nails with the colors I have left as I know I love all of them!


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