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Make up organisation and declutter

I started writing my blog about make up and it is definitely something I have a great passion for, and as a result I own a lot more than I ever need and while I have a lot less than some bloggers, it was time to go through and properly down size. 

I started with foundation, primer and concealer. I had a few samples I had either received in gift with purchases or beauty boxes that were too dark but for some reason made their way into the drawer never to be used, and also some concealers I had bought in the lightest shades and were still on the dark side for my very pale skin. I didn't take a photo of this stage as it was just foundation swatches which didn't look overly interesting anyway but i managed to get rid of quite a few and be able to dwindle down my collection to only the ones that match and look nice on my skin. 

Next, I moved on to eyes, I started by getting rid of any open and old mascaras and separating out the unopened ones to use soon and try out, this got rid of a couple of items and began the bin pile for eyes. I then moved on to liquid eyeliners, I swatched most of them on my hands swatching some one or two times just to be sure of the color, opacity and finish of the liner. I threw out any that were old or the color wasn't very opaque or had dried out, I then looked at the color of some and decided which I probably wouldn't wear again, and put those on the give away pile if they were still good quality and not old.
I did also look in all my eye shadow pallets, assessed the colors and finish of them and got rid of any I didn't use or didn't like the color of to allow me to fully see what i use and need in my collection, I also tried to get rid of any duplicates of colors from different brands to really down size. 

Moving on to lips I found this to be the hardest section to downsize, just because I do like to have a lot of lip options and I do generally like most of the ones I own, so it was harder to down size, but I decided to swatch similar colors together and similar finishes to allow me to see which ones I really did like and remind me of any that I had worn and didn't like but somehow made their way back into the drawer. I did get rid of some and really managed to see what I wanted to keep and the way it looks and its finish.

After I had done all the sorting I had four piles, the first was packaging that was accumulated in the drawer for no reason, things I had had for a long time and the packaging was either laying in the drawer empty or I had put the product back in the packaging for no reason at all. This all went into the recycling and gave me some extra room that I wouldn't have realised I had if I didn't get rid of the excess packaging.
This first pile of make up is my 'Give away' pile. there are two of these but more on this in a minute. This is the one that I will be giving away to friends or to my cousin who is a couple of years younger than me and loves make up too. I know it will get a lot of use this way and is also a nice way for it to be used rather than being neglected in a drawer.
The next pile is the bin pile, this is stuff that isn't pigmented, or is dried out, is too old to pass on or is just the wrong color foundation to match me or my friends. 
Last but not least, my second pile of give away make up is for my mum, this is the really good quality make up that I have more expensive and preferred dupes of. I wanted to pass these onto my mum specifically as she doesn't have a lot of make up and I know she will really appreciate them and use them to their full potential.

I am so pleased with how much I managed to get rid of, I think I counted almost 90 items! I am really pleased with the way my collection is now and its so much easier to go through and see what make up I want to wear and pick out the things I know I love as I really like all of the items in the collection.

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