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Clothing organisation and declutter

I wouldn't say I have an extensive clothing collection, but I can also be sure I own more than I need. I have come to terms with the idea that I need to declutter and have been watching and reading things on the topics of decluttering, minimalist living and how to just have less. I don't intend to be a minimalist but I hope that feeling as inspired as I do to downsize my possessions will be the start of a clearer home and a less stressful way of living.

Over the beginning of the year I have given away 5 bin liners full of clothing, and thrown away 2 bin liners of things which you cant take to the charity shop or give away, such as ripped clothing or stuff such as socks or underwear that no one wants second hand...

I am also channeling the ideas of the KonMari method where you keep only the items which spark joy in your life, and this really helped me to go through the items I want to keep and don't want to keep,

When I was at college (and then when I worked in the town center) I used to have to get a bus into the town center, to then get a bus from the town center home, this encouraged me, between stops, to go into the shopping center and have a look round. In turn, this meant I usually always came home with something, shoes, a pair of jeans, a new top, a bag, or plenty of make up. This caused my collection and wardrobe to expand to quite a huge amount that a didn't really wear a lot of.

Being in a job where i wore a uniform and worked at least 4 days a week, I ended up only wearing two other outfits a week and some days, i would just wear lounge wear if I was only staying in the house and catching up on housework, so for a long time most of my clothes didn't even make it out the wardrobe.

I have since moved into a new job and while I have to dress semi-professional in the sense of no short skirts or low cut tops, (not that I own much, if any in that category) I wear a lot more of my outfits and can use the clothes I would happily wear at weekends as my work clothes too. By doing this I now wear a lot more of my clothes and feel like I want to make the effort to dress nicer when I am getting ready in a morning. This has also taught me what clothes I really do want to wear and which ones I put on and instantly take off because it doesn't make me feel good.

I first tried to pick out the clothes I wear most often and know instantly I wanted to keep no matter what. This is usually my blouses and shirts that I wear almost daily for work and have in almost every color just to keep it fresh and different on a regular basis. I then moved onto the casual clothes I keep only for weekends keeping in mind the ones I like most and want most.

Anything I didn't instantly know I wanted to keep, I insisted I tried on, I did all of one category together so all of my jeans, keeping similar ones together, so light jeans then medium wash then dark jeans, getting rid of anything that wasn't comfortable or didn't fit correctly. I did this for all the categories and was highly surprised with how much I had to keep and how much I was getting rid of.

I still have bags and shoes to do so if you would like more pictures as I do those then I can do that but I thought even just a written post on this might inspire you to have a go or get the push I know I needed to really get stuck in and clean out my wardrobe. I also plan to do this with make up and nail polish soon too so stay tuned for that!


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