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Fashion haul

So after months of saving for a wedding, more on that later, and not much shopping, I decided a trip o the shops was long over due. I had a few items in mind of what I wanted, I needed a dress for a wedding I am attending as a guest this summer, and I wanted some more jewelry that as cheaper and affordable to wear in rotation with my work clothes just to keep it fresh and looking new!

The first thing I went for was jewelry, I love Primark it is super affordable and knowing I was only wearing them for work, as well as wanting quite a few, it meant I could pick up a lot of options without spending too much!
The first two I picked up are pictured above and both have a pinker theme to them, the one on the left is a beautiful row of flowers with pearly petals, silver detailing and some gems. At £4 I couldn't pass this up as it will match a lot of things I already own. The second is a little bit different to what I would normally go for, but knowing I want to wear these with a blouse/shirt, I know I will get a lot of use out of it with its structured style that will sit neatly on the collar line. 
The next two necklaces I got are pictured above and as you can see these have a plainer silver and a blue-ish tone to them to have a different style to the ones I I have chosen above. I wanted variety in the colors I chose and the plainer silver flower one on the left was a perfect neutral color to match everything I I wear for work and an easy one to pair with a lot of things I might buy in the future. The one on the right is a gorgeous blue symmetric pattern necklace with two tones that compliment each other perfectly. I have a lot of things that this will look lovely with and I thought it was the perfect thing to contrast with shirts that wont go so well with the pinker necklace options. 

Following this I popped into NewLook after I saw they had a sale on, I didn't manage to find any clothing in the sale but I did manage to find another necklace and some hair jewelry. The hair jewelry are like little spirals and they can be twisted into the hair like it shows on the card in order to add some texture and difference to the hair. I love these and although I'm not sure when I will wear them they will be so pretty in the summer! I also found this lovely subtle necklace, it has some shell colored tear drop shaped pieces with some droplet gems hanging from them, its really subtle and simple and will look nice for when I don't want something that is too much of a statement. 

Next up I went to do some clothes shopping with the wedding and a few more pieces for summer in mind, and the warmer weather we have approaching. I also wanted to find something nice to wear to my sister in laws wedding and I wasn't disappointed. 
On the post above from I have a white blazer, a floral chiffon shirt, some patterned trousers and a floral print dress. 

Using the photo below for better reference of the clothing, I have a beautiful dress from Quiz on the left, it was £55, but looks stunning on, it has a netting lining in it to make it have a little bit of volume when you put it on, as well as having a stretchy back to allow it to be easy to wear and not be too tight fitting. The dress looks stunning on, and I will certainly do an OOTD next month when I go to the wedding. 
Next to this I have a shirt from George at Asda, I actually spotted this on my weekly shop and decided I would pick it up, I gave my fiance the option of this one and a navy one with flowers on because I couldn't decide which I liked best and he picked this one, and I love it! I cannot wait to wear it now the weather is finally warming up and it will be perfect for the sort of thing I like to wear for work. 
I almost always wear a blazer for work, it isn't the dress code, but I love them and find them super comfy, and for me they are completely effortless, and I just happen to look smart, so a winner all round. Now that summer is approaching, I wanted a white blazer, I always wanted a white blazer and was so pleased to stumble upon this one that was down to £10 in the sale in Primark as I would have happily paid the £15 it was full price. I cannot wait to wear it and pair it up with other things for the summer. 
Lastly I have a pair of patterned trousers, they fit a little like leggings but in a trouser material and thickness, but they are beautiful on, and I cant wait to wear them, they will be perfect for work and look super smart, and because they are comfy it feels effortless for me to want to wear them and I feel like I am dressed casually! Im not always drawn to patterned trousers and feel a little self conscious when I wear them sometimes but these were on the manikin in the shop and I had to have them once I saw the way they looked on, it really did change my mind about them as they didn't look much on the hanger. 

I'd love to see what you have been picking up lately and I cannot wait to do some OOTD's wearing some of these looks soon!


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