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What I got for Christmas!

This year we went pretty quiet for Christmas, we didn't want much and so most of what we got each other were things we picked out together so we knew we only got what we wanted, but it was still lovely. I will start with the few beauty and body bits as thats probably the reason you stopped by my blog!

I love real techniques brushes and so naturally I asked for some for Christmas. I got the real techniques bold metals collection, I have been lusting over these brushes since they launched and never got round to picking them up as I usually gravitated toward beauty and forgot to check the brush aisle, so I was overjoyed to get these to try out! I also got the real techniques sculpting set which I am excited to try as I don't really do much other than blush and a little highlight, and all the hype on contouring and stuff, maybe I can start to expand my face brushes and have a little go? I also got another eye shadow started set, I have a set of these already and love them, but they went on offer for black Friday weekend and I hate having to clean them all the time, so I got another set to have plenty of eye brushes and make the most of having them to use them for multiple things and always have one clean. Lastly for brush related things I got the real techniques deep cleansing gel to clean my brushes with and give a go, so I think that will be coming up in a review soon!

In terms of beauty products, we were lacking this year, but again, I didn't know what to ask for and so I didn't really get a lot as I have so much that people never know what I have and don't have.... So first up I got the Tanya Burr gingerbread nail polish lip gloss and nail file trio, I love the look of the nail polish in the set and so I was really excited about that. The other product I got was the Tanya Burr individual lashes, I was applying a set of these a week or so before Christmas at my parents house where I was getting ready for a Christmas party, and my mum took a keen interest and I was showing her how much of a difference they made to my eyes and make up in general, so she must have took note and got me another set to use!

I got a sanctuary set from a friend, which is so lovely, I am really into sanctuary and I love the way their products smell and feel on the skin so I cant wait to be using them and pampering myself! I also got a body spray to go in my work bag as this is the one I always keep on hand, its by nspa and is just in the vanilla scent, I always like to be able to freshen up at work if I feel I need to and so I was happy to have received this.

Onto the non beauty things, I got Zoe's book Girl online on tour, I read the first one, and t really took me back to reading teen fiction books, and it makes a nice change from the more serious books I tend to read, and I thought it was great so I am looking forward to getting into the book to see what happens! I also got a little Disney Tsum Tsum memo block, I love stationary and have to say I think it is so cute! I always seem to be scrawling a to do list when I am sat at my desk and when I get back to work and college next week I will be busier than ever so it will be nice to have some cute paper to make little notes on!

I got a set of Swarovski ducks from my fiancé, he got me these as my main surprise as I love the ornaments from the range and think they are so beautiful and cannot wait to give them a home somewhere in the house.

I did one of the boring things and asked for a coffee machine for Christmas, having a house is sometimes a bit rubbish, as you end up asking for house things rather than the beauty or fashion things you would much rather have, but at least it was one last thing to buy myself, I also got some coffees to go with it so I could try it out!

Lastly, I made a very very naughty, not very savings orientated purchase and it was accidentally a Michael Kors Selma bag in aquamarine, it was on offer and not full price, but it was far too beautiful not to buy, so I made it the 'last expensive unnecessary purchase because I'm saving'... I also got a small black card holder/coin purse for Christmas as I needed one, just so that I don't always have to take my full purse everywhere as it huge!!

I feel like everything is really practical, I also got a little bit of money, and some joint presents with my fiancé such as chocolates, a plant, a Starbucks gift set, and some picture frames, but they have some really personal photos of me and my friends and fiancé in so I didn't want to show them on here, just because its nice to keep some things private!


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