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New year; fresh start

So this blog has took a huge back burner in 2015, and I honestly have no idea what happened! I really have genuinely missed blogging, I have been so busy, I graduated in 2015, carried on with my education and college, as well as landing myself a new job in the area I have been studying hard to get into, with a nice pay upgrade which means... I can dust off my engagement ring and give it the accompanying ring it been longing for, and I can happily say by this time next year I will be a wife! Its crazy!

I have a few things I am hoping to achieve in 2016, and I want to share these with you as a fresh start to this blog as I really want to kickstart this back up and share some more of my life and thoughts with you all.

First off this year I hope I can keep up blogging and get back into it a lot more as I have a lot of things I could share my thoughts and opinions on, so I will be trying to get into this a lot more as I have a few spare hours a week where I could get some blogging time scheduled in.

Second, I started going to the gym in September and by the time I get married I hope I can have toned up and got a body that doesn't reflect the fact I almost have dominos pizza delivery as my internet home page, haha! Well its not quite that bad my diet, but my trainer thought my fiance was joking when he told me he'd buy me a pizza if I could do 10 burpees in a minute (I did 28 and definitely enjoyed the pizza!) I train with my fiance and we love it, I have really missed it over Christmas and we have made good friends with the personal trainer at the gym and so I am so really for him to kick me into shape!

Thirdly, I want to make the most of the year, it sounds so cliché, but I honestly feel like the last year just passed me by without me noticing! I know its going to be a year of constant saving to be able to have the wedding we want, but we will still find time to enjoy ourselves and go out for a few cheeky dates. I also want to make the most of whatever we can do for the honeymoon, but although we aren't having an expensive wedding, we are spending more that I thought it would cost, so I guess the honeymoon wont be anything super fancy, but I think I can deal with that!

I am so thrilled to be writing this and thinking about getting back into blogging and being online, once upon a time I used to make some youtube videos, but I kinda stopped having time when I went to uni in 2011 and I don't know, I miss it a lot sometimes, but the community has changed a lot since I was posting and I think its a lot bigger thing now, so I'm not sure if I will be doing that, but its a possibility!

I don't really know what to say but I hope you all had a fantastic new year and I hope you are all looking forward to the year and what it may hold!


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